Who is Nakai?


“Chef Nakai is carving out her own lane and inspiring women while doing it. A 22 year old Pastry Chef and Entrepreneur who was determined to be the next Picasso of Baking, she set out on her dream at 13 years old.'‘ - Nike

“Chef Nakai is a well known dessert chef in the NYC area. Inspired by Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals and her mother’s own sweet thumb, at the age of 13 Nakai was determined to become the next big influence in pastry.” - Asjah of Black Owned Cafe

“@ChefNakai is a real gem and we love her lavender macarons!” - @RachaelRayMag on Instagram

I do everything.

I move everything.

A little about me…

My career path started out when I was in middle school watching The Food Network shows with my mom who had her own passion for cooking and baking that I would witness first hand and be a part of. I jumpstarted my path by going to Food and Finance High School where we had baking classes, cooking classes, opportunities to work on the catering team for events and an internship set up for us in our Senior year. After graduating, I went to Alfred State College and got my degree in Baking and Pastry Production & Management through a two year program where we worked in the school’s bakery for 25 hours per week along with classes in Cooking, Management, Cost control, ServSafe, Nutrition and more. During my college years I also worked as a RA and in the campus food restaurants.

When I graduated in 2016 I knew that aside from jumping into a full-time job, I wanted to start working on the blueprint the business I intended to have. While gaining work experience in different establishments. The journey of Chef Nakai Co. started in July 2017 when I first launched the site. I kept developing the site and building the business and in April 2018, the restaurant I was working at started to close down and I took that as my sign to leave the commercial food industry, work as a freelancer and spend my extra time focusing on my development as a person and as a businesswoman.

How’s the journey been? As stated above, I do everything and I move everything. I make sure that everything planned as part of brand development comes to fruition regardless of what resources are available or not.

Chef Nakai Co. has developed into an innovative pastry company equipped with an Online bakery, Full catering menu, Baking classes, Events and our own Food Blog that I hope to grow into a full magazine. We’ve completed dozens of orders for Pick Ups and Shipping in the online bakery and have had the pleasure of catering for brands like Nike, Be Live Nation, BBC Ice cream and more. We’ve even had our Amethyst inspired Lavender Geode Macarons featured on the Rachael Ray Mag Instagram page, receiving over 1,100 likes.

With just 1 “riskaversary” down, saying that I believe in the growth of this business is an understatement. In 5 years I plan to be a driving force of innovation and creativity in the dessert industry.

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